How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder


Steam is an online PC gaming service that has more than 37000 games. If you know it and if you are a gamer, you might be enjoying it. But it could be more fun if you share your achievements of games on social media as screenshots. If you are the kind of person who loves to share steam screenshots, then this article is for you.

Here it is worth mentioning that the Steam Content File Locked issue is not related to the Steam Screenshot folder. This article helps you to know how to access the steam screenshot folder.

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Accessing the screenshot is not a difficult task. This can be done by using two ways. The first way is, using the screenshot manager in steam, and the other way is accessing the screenshot using a hard drive. The first method is really easy, and if you want to access the screenshot using the second method, you need to know the proper location of your steam files. Now, let us see the two methods to access the screenshot on Steam Games.

Method 1: Screenshot Manager

Steam games store all the screenshots that you took while playing. You can access your screenshots using screenshot manager by following the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the home of steam games.

Step 2: Next, on the top left, you can see some options. You need to click on the view option.

Step 3: Now, the drop-down menu will appear, and you have to select screenshots.

Now, you can see the list of screenshots that you took. You can upload or delete a particular screenshot. You can access the screenshots using the hard drive directly by clicking on the show on disc option.

Method 2: Accessing the Screenshot folder physically

If the easy first method didn’t work for you, then you need to follow this second method. The screenshots that you took will also be stored on the hard disc physically. To access the screenshots physically on the hard drive, you need to go to the steam folder where it is installed. If you didn’t select the installation folder manually, then it will be installed by default on the C drive.

The path to access your screenshots folder is:

C->Program files(x86)->Steam->user data-> your steam ID->760->remote->app ID->screenshots.

By following the above path, you can access your screenshots on your hard drive physically. By the way, if you don’t know your steam ID, then you can get it by going to steam and clicking on settings. In settings, you need to select the interface option, and you need to check the box which shows the display steam URL address when available.

Now you have to head over to your steam profile and click on view profile. The number located at the end of the URL is your steam ID.


Gaming is more joyful and enjoyable when you share the game with your friends. Screenshots are one way to share the games and your achievements. They help you in storing your highest records as a memory. So if you have any problems accessing the screenshots on steam games, then I really hope this article has helped you. Firstly, try the first method as it is much easier than the second method and then go for the second method.


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