Stardew Valley Best Crops


Stardew Valley is a video game, where the user role-plays a character who takes over a farm and does activities like crafting goods, mining for ores, raising livestock, growing crops, selling produce. No two crops in Stardew Valley are equal. Some crops are significantly better than others.

Stardew Valley Best Crops

Players will be having a variety of offerings each season. But, keep in mind that the most profitable season will be dependent on the Fall. Let us now have a look at the best crops in Stardew Valley.

1. Strawberries (Spring)

One of the most profitable crops in Spring are Strawberries. But, there is a catch. The player can’t buy Strawberry seeds until the 13th of Spring at the Egg Festival. To get the maximum yield, you can buy some of these $100 apiece seeds by saving some money in one year with parsnips.

Strawberries can have two yields before summer if planted on the day of the egg festival. The player can achieve huge profits if he keeps hold of his strawberry seeds and waits to plant them till the second year. If the player is patient enough, Strawberries can provide him decent profits.

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2. Rhubarb (Spring)

Rhubarb crop will be available via Desert Bus. This can be unlocked by Vault bundle in the Community center. Players will be able to find a shop that sells a special variety of seeds and goods.

This crop can be sold for $220 which is more than twice the purchasing price, $100. You need to make sure that you are at Desert Bus on Spring 1 and also plant Rhubarb before the next day in order to achieve maximum yield. It usually takes almost 13 days for Rhubarb to mature.

3. Coffee (Spring/Summer)

At the first glance, coffee might not look like a profitable crop. The player can buy the beans from anywhere between $100 to $2500. This is a one percent drop from Dust Sprites. The player can find coffee beans much easily, and when they are harvested every two days, there is a chance of dropping multiple beans of coffee.

4. Starfruit (Summer)

In some ways, Starfruit is an iconic fruit in this game. It can be sold for massive profits. It can be sold at $750 which is twice the buying price of $400 from the oasis shop. The player has to complete the Vault Community Centre bundle to unlock this.

With the huge bonuses for high-quality harvest, Starfruit can be the most profitable crop on its own. But, this crop becomes ridiculously lucrative when turned into Artisan products. For a comparison, Starfruit jelly sells at somewhere near $1550, but the wine made out of Starfruit can be sold between $2250 to $6300. I hope this gave you an understanding of how lucrative Starfruit can be if they are turned into Artisan products.

5. Blueberries (Summer)

It is a crop that only grows in summer. Blueberries seeds cost $80 per seed. Once the plant matures, three blueberries will be dropped, which are worth $80 for every four days once the plant matures. It is one of those crops, which need not be planted over and over again by a farmer. Hence, the player can explore more of the game.

The profit with these crops can skyrocket if they are planted on the first day of the season. This gives the player extra harvesting time. For making easy profits, these are must-haves for any summer farmer. They are great for artisan products.

6. Red Cabbage (Summer)

It is one of the rarest crops in year 1. It is an exclusive crop for the 2 years. The player will find this crop in year 1 only at the traveling cart. Except that, this crop can’t be found anywhere in year 1. This crop can sell more than twice of its buying price. The player can make $260 by selling this crop which can be bought for $100.

The player can achieve 3 harvests from one field of red cabbage if they are planted at the beginning of the summer. You need to be prepared with backup seeds because the crop doesn’t regrow automatically.

7. Cranberries (Fall)

Cranberries are the most profitable crop in the game apart from Sweet Gem Berries and Ancient Fruit. They are the rarest crops that can’t be found at Pierre’s. Each seed of this crop costs $240. It takes seven days for this crop to mature. It produces two seeds every five days. Those seeds can be sold at $130 each. They need not be replanted and they produce all the season.

For the long winter keep them in storage. You can keep this start quality crops in a chest if you wish for a reliable source of income through Jelly and Wine in winter.

8. Pumpkin (Fall)

Pumpkins are crops that can be sold for huge profits. You can sell this crop for huge amounts more than the initial price, similar to Red cabbage. The seeds of this crop cost $100 each, but you can sell the pumpkin for $320. This gives the pumpkins a chance to become a giant crop.

Some crops in this game can become giant crops if they are planted in a 3×3 grid farm. But, you can also achieve more harvest if you plant in a 9×9 field. For the pumpkins to become gigantic in each 3×3 square, there will be 9 more opportunities if you plant in a 9×9 grid. As the size of the field increases, this chance grows even bigger.

9. Sweet Gem Berry (Fall)

These are non-conventional crops. They are grown from rare seeds which can be obtained only from the Seed maker or a traveling cart. The profits from this crop are really huge. You can make a huge $6000 profit by selling these crops. Seeds can cost between $600 to $1000 each. Depending on the day, the traveling cart sells only up to 5 at a time.

You can find few sales on Fridays and Sundays at the Travelling cart in Summer and Spring. So, make sure that you keep the track of the day of the week. Also, stock up throughout the seasons. You can’t store them for Wine or Jelly. They are turned into or best sold as more seeds.

10. Ancient Fruit (Year-Round)

Ancient fruit is grown from ancient seeds is probably the most valuable and rarest crop in the game at the same time. You can obtain this crop as a rare drop from digging, a rare drop from enemies, and with a seed maker. It is the most valuable crop in this game because it grows through all the seasons in a greenhouse and it doesn’t need to be replanted.

But, it takes a full season to mature. If the player plants this crop on Spring 1st, he can get one harvest every week for the rest of the year. You can sell each of this fruit for $550. This crop can bring you huge profits because you spend nothing on the seeds to start your harvest with these crops.

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This is an interesting game. Unlike other action and adventure games, this game deals with harvesting crops which makes the game unique. To play the game better and earn better profits, the player must know what crop must be planted in what season. The whole purpose of this article is to make you aware of what crop is best to plant at a particular season and some stats about the profits and buying value.

I hope that you now have some understanding of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Go and play Stardew Valley. You can play this game on almost any device that supports gaming. It is available on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Choose a device as per your availability and start playing the game.


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